Our Story

The idea of MYDD was inspired as our founders were looking for help to drive their guests home after an awesome drinking party.

They could’ve called for a ride-hailing service, but what happens to the car that the friend drove over with? They had to look for a trustable and familiar face to drive the friends home in their own vehicles.

Also, Malaysia is known to be one of the top Asia country for road fatal accidents. The Road Transport Act 1987 are being constantly reviewed with high penalties are being imposed on violations.

Hence, it became our mission to keep our customers’ mind off the wheel, and get you to your destination safely with the comfort of your own vehicle!

Your Safety is Our Priority

At MYDD, we strive to continuously improve your riding experience with the use of technology.

Our drivers are handpicked through a strict screening process, followed by monitoring and periodic reviews of their performance.

It is more than just a ride as the experience speaks for itself.
Keep your mind off the wheel and book your designated driver to drive you through hard and even fun times, literally!

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Driver Screening

Our drivers' profile are well-documented and thoroughly screened.

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Security Features

Your journey will be GPS-tracked by our operation center.

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Track Your Journey

Keep your loved ones updated on the details of your ride.

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24/7 Service

Allow us to chauffeur you around even after working hours.

Getting Started

MYDD, Safe & Easy. Download app and enjoy our service now !


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